Lightning Jack

Oh, no.
The good side is, he couldn't spot an
outlaw if they took a dump in his hat.

The bad side is,
he just proved it.

Two riders.
The one on the left,
that's J.D. Kincaid.

Wanted for bank robbery
in four states.

Maybe he didn't spot me.
His gang must be
in town somewhere.

He wouldn't be dumb enough to try
and take that bank with just two men.

That's different.
You'd better follow him,

I'll meet you
back at the stables.

At least six of them?
One of'em a guy with an eye patch?
Big fella?

That's Spencer.
That's the Kincaid gang.
They're here after the bank.

Should've known.
Biggest cattle sale of the year.
Town not expecting anything.

Outlaw thinking.
We got two choices.
We go in now, first,
take the bank right now.

And it ain't worth taking
till the sale's over.

Second choice--
We let Kincaid knock over the bank.

We jump him
on the way out of town.

Which way out of town?