Little Women


- Here Alone

ĎMy dear husbandÖí
Write a letter, be inventive.
Tell you everything is fine.
Be attentive to the distance.
Send my love with every line.
Every word should bring you closer
And caress you with its tone.
Nothing should remind you
That I am here alone.

I canít tell you what Iím feeling.
I canít talk about the war.
How the pealing of the church bells
Brings the battle to our doors.
I donít know which part is harder,
What I know or whatís unknown,
Or raising little women
When I am here alone.

Counting Days,
Praying for news,
Is this the life
We meant to choose?

Do you know how much I miss you
At this hour of the day?
How I wish you were the twilight
Come to take my fears away.
Can I manage four young women?
Iím not certain I know how.
Will I be there when they need me?
Do I fail them even now?
I wish that you were with me,
Wish that I could bring you home.
The night seems so much longer
Now that I am here alone.

[Thanks to, for lyrics]