Love Affair

You look good
with your collar up like that.

Mike, nice catch!
Lynn Weaver and Mike Gambril...
...the aging sports stud
and the popular talk-show host...

...have everyone talking
about their engagement.

Mike is a sportscaster
for an LA affiliate.

But how he got that job
is the real news.

Sources say Lynn got Mike the job...
...but so far the quarterback
has been fumbling.

If that doesn't
make her think twice...

...there's Mike's reputation
for playing the field.

This is my favorite part.
I like this.

Who's standing
on the cake with her?

One-time NFL backfield coach
Mike Gambril.

Perfect timing.
When you get back from Australia...
...we go in,
we renegotiate your deal.

Mike, what time is your flight?
Can I make a call?