Love Affair

Let me take this opportunity
to thank you for flying with us.

If you travel to our part
of the world...

...we look forward to
seeing you again.

It's about that time.
Excuse me,
it's time to put up your seat.

Thank you.
Well, it won't be long now.
- Happy?
- What?

- What makes you happy?
- You're embarrassing me.

- Is that an embarrassing question?
- What makes you happy?

Embarrassing you.
I'm happy when I don't want to be
anyplace but where I am.

You happy now?
You know I've never been faithful
to anyone in my life.

- Is your father alive?
- My father?

- Why?
- What would he say to you about me?

He'd say, "You're hung up on a guy...
...because you cruised around Bali Hai
for 3 days? Isn't that nutty?"

It's nutty to get hung up
on a guy like that.

- It is?
- It's crazy.

You don't know if the guy likes kids.