Love Affair

I've often wondered about you.
- Have you really?
- Yes, really.

I've wondered about you, too.
You weren't angry?

You must have been at first.
I was. I was.
At first, I was furious.
I said, "He can't do this to me.
Who does he think he is?"

- Did you wait long?
- Yes, I waited. I waited until...

- Then what?
- I got really mad.

You can just imagine,
being up there...

In a thunderstorm.
- In a thunderstorm?
- Yeah.

What did you say?
Then I said, "Why don't you
just go home and get drunk?"

- But you didn't.
- I didn't?

You just took one little drink...
...every hour for about two months.
Can you blame me?
Not at all. No.
The least I could've done
was send you a note.

Maybe by the time you thought of it,
you couldn't find me.

But certainly you swore that if you
ever saw me again you'd ask.

No. We said if we could make it,
we'd be there.

If one of us didn't show up,
there must be a good reason.

- Did we say that?
- Yes, that's exactly what we said.

Like what, for instance?
So there'll be no more
questions asked, I hope.

Thank you.
Thank you, Mike.
Isn't this wonderful?
I walk over here just to...
Now I'm not even supposed to ask
why you weren't there.

- It doesn't seem fair, does it?
- I know.