Hold up the ferry!
Wait for me!

You did this on purpose!
You bet I did!
This is my lucky shirt.
Do your own laundry then.
My underwear comes from New York.
You got any idea
where this shirt was made, lady?

Paris, France, that's where!
You think I can go to the nearest
store and get another!

Why don't you try
the kiddie department?

Remove your hands from the lady.
When you least expect it,
your hero arrives.

Zane Cooper. Folks call me Coop.
Suits me just fine.

This creature's named Maverick
and I'm Annabelle Bransford.

-I'll be taking this coach.
-So am l.

That ought to be fun.
Lord knows what he'd have done,
alone in the stage for two days.

I hope you can relax
and enjoy the journey now.

See, my feeling is
that if there weren't any women. . .

. . .none of us would be here.
What kind of sense does that make?
If there were no men,
we wouldn't be here either.

Are you mocking me?
Don't get ruffled.
I was agreeing with you
in a totally unusual way.

What would this world come to
without gentlemen like yourself?

A passenger! Come ahead.
Right this way, sir. Want a hand?
I'm the driver.
Are you all right?
Why does everybody ask me that?
Get me up there so we can
get this thing going.