Natural Born Killers

And it makes me sick.
It's arrogance, bullshit. Mickey and
Mallory are not the sickest I've seen.

-Open it.
-Yes, sir.

Why me? What's this really about?
Can you feel it?
Silence in the air?
You don't want it in a prison.
You boys okay?
What the fuck is you looking at?
I said, what the fuck you looking at?
Drop it!
Try this on, big boy.
You son of a bitch! Come on up here!
Get your ass over here!
Come on, goddamn it.
By God! Stick his ass in the block
then bring him to see me.

You all right?
Jesus Christ, you could be on
American Gladiators.

30 minutes a day.
It doesn't take much.

Someone goes for you,
go for their throat.

One chop paralyzes them.
Mickey and Mallory got
my whole prison worked up.

Like sharks to chum.
-Smell of blood drives them nuts.
-80% are violent offenders.

-We're over 200% capacity.
-This ain't a prison, it's a time bomb.

-Fry the pricks.
-We tried.

But they kill somebody new, and we
gotta start the process over again.

Like a hemorrhoid
you can't get rid of.

We're sending them
for testing to Nystrom.

Lobotomy Bay.
Vegetable Land.
Home of the criminally insane.

-That hasn't been done.
-The ruling won't stick. . .

. . .with the shrinks here, but they'll
be in your control for a few hours.

Then what?
You're a celebrated lawman, public
loves you. 1 5 years on the force.

Bestseller out in paperback.
A modern-day Pat Garret
with a deadly ax to grind.

That is why you have been chosen
to deliver Mr. and Mrs. Knox.

We know once you're on the road,
if anything happens--