New Nightmare

More blood!
Great. Keep coming.
Chuck, Terry, pump aWay.

Don't be stingy.
Watch that arm.
I can see that fake arm.

Chase, keep that claW
really moving.

Jeffrey, jam it on there
just like Freddy Would.

Good, good. And cut!
Print that, Gretchen.

Chase, you're a genius.
This makes his old claW look
like Mother Teresa's mitten.

y ou better thank them.
They're very sensitive.

Chuck, Terry, great blood.
- Thank you very much.
- Some of our best Work.

Hey, monkey man,
Want to see some neat stuff?

Come on.
It's only make-believe.
Marianne, I gotta go.
LoW bridge.
Let's see if We can
scare the P.J.'s off Mommy.

Hey, Heather.
y ou hungry, Dylan?
It should have flex ed more.
I think the servos
got shorted out With blood.

Well, take it apart,
pull it out...

and insulate them
With some styro.

The thing Wasn't meant to be
submerged, for Pete's sake.

I don't like that thing.
That thing puts bread
on our table.

Is it alive, Daddy?
you're in the next shot.

State-of-the-art animatronics
With bio-organic grafting.

Bull tendons, nerve bundles
from a live Doberman.