New Nightmare

I'm alive once again!
Freddy's back! Give it up
for your Uncle Freddy!

Just When you thought it Was
safe to get back into bed!

Give me five!
I'm back,
and I'm badder than ever!

y ou are all my children noW!
I got to go, Robert.
Just a second. I'll Walk you.
There you go, kids.
- Thank you.
- Bye-bye.

- y ou OK?
- I'm fine.

Well, everything Went great,
I thought.

We really got you, didn't We?
I don't knoW Why
you didn't tell me.

Come on. They loved
the expression on your face.

I think they'd like
to see us together again.

In What, a romantic comedy?
Just because
it's a love story...

doesn't mean you can't
have a decapitation or tWo.

- There's a call for you.
- For me?

I'll talk to you later.
Heather, it's Sara Risher
over at NeW Line Cinema.

HoW are you?
HoW are you?
This is a voice from the past.

It sure is.
Listen, Heather,
I Won't take but a minute.

It's just that We have
something to propose to you...

and I Wonder
if you'd stop by the offices.

Bob Would love to talk to you.
Sure. When?
No time like the present.
The car Will bring you over.

- NoW?
-Just take a minute.

y ou'll be glad you did, I bet.