"I think that the ideas
contained in this work...

"express the author's feelings
in a way that he intended...

"based on his results."
What can that mean?
Do you see?

The best that I...
I'm saying that perhaps
this course...

No, no, no, you can't.
- How? Carol!
- I have to pass it.

- I have to pass this course.
- Well, either...

Either the criteria for
judging progress in the class...

No, no, no!
I have to pass it.

Now, look,
I'm a human being...

I did what you told me.
I did everything.
I read your book.

You told me to buy your book
and read it.

Everything you say, I do.
- Look.
- Everything I'm told.

I'm not your father.
Did I say you were my father?

- No.
- Why did you say that?

Why did you say that to me?
Hello. Yes. Jerry.
I know what time it is.
Yes, I'm trying to get
out of here, believe me.

Why do we need these notes?
You're right.
I'm going to find my notes.

I'll be there in ten minutes.