Quiz Show

Coming up next, Twenty-One,
starring master of ceremonies
Jack Barry !

Two players
racing to score 21 points,

each in a soundproof
television studio,

not knowing
the other one's score,

- with $500 riding on each point...
- Damn it !

as they both play...
Twenty-One !
And here's your host,
Jack Barry !

[ Applause ]
Good evening.
l'm Jack Barry.

Due to a series of ties,
Herbert Stempel, our 29-year-old
ex-G.l. college student,

must play at
$3,000 a point,

which means that
in a few brief minutes,

he can either win as much as
$100,000, the most money
won on television to date,

or lose everything he's won
in the last eight weeks.

- You nervous ?
- [ Chuckling ]

lt's only money.
lsolated in their
soundproof studios,

neither player is aware
of the other's score.

l've been assured by our friends
at the encyclopedia...

that they've concocted
some real brain-breakers this week,

so we'll find out
in the next 30 minutes...

if the unstumpable
Herbert Stempel can be stumped.

- Could l have the questions, please ?
- [ Drumroll ]

Thank you, gentlemen. Remember,
the questions on Twenty-One
are secured each week...

in a Manhattan bank vault
'til just before show time.

So right now, let's meet Herbert Stempel
and his challenger as Geritol,

American's #1 tonic,
presents Twenty-One.

[ Fanfare ]
Welcome back to the show,

Mr. Peloubet, a very cordial
welcome to you, sir.

How are you, Herb ?
How's everything in Queens ?

- Fine, Mr. Barry.
- lt's a nervous strain
in the family, l bet.

- How's your wife holding out ?
- She's fine, thank you. Thank
you, Mr. Barry, for asking.

As you know, Herb, the questions
are graded for difficulty by
the Encyclopedia Britannica--

l might add that my wife
no longer suffers from tired blood,

now that l've got her
on Geritol.

That's fine. Graded
on a scale from one--

l personally vouch that
it's a fine product.