Quiz Show

Control booth.
Uh, yeah, hold on, sir.

Dan, it's for you.
lt's Kintner.

Would you mind, Mr. Barry,
could l take the third part last ?

[ Barry ] That's fine.
The code was, uh,
''One if by land, two if by sea.''

Therefore, it would have to be
two lanterns in the Old North Church.

That's right. And the second part.
Who rode with him ?

- Dawes and Prescott.
- Dawes and Prescott.

[ Chattering ]
What these books
have conclusively proven...

is that the difference between men
and women is exactly 38 pages.

- Can l quote you, Mark ?
- Not before l quote me.

His own quotes are
his greatest pleasure.

Did you hear the market
dropped 30 points today ?
There's a rumor Eisenhower died.

- How would they tell ?
- Oh, please, don't get
Dorothy started on politics.

- There'll be a raid.
- Good night.

Good night, Dorothy. Sorry l'm late.
lt's impossible out there.

- You can't get a cab without a dragnet.
- Eisenhower died.

- What ?
- Professor Van Doren, l took
your course at Columbia--

''Hawthorne, Original Sin
and the American Experience.''

- Nixon is president ?
- Well, as silly as it sounds,
it changed my life.

- Was it the Hawthorne or the sin?
- Perhaps you'd like to meet
my son, the unmarried Van Doren.

- Oh, where is Charlie ?
- You're right again, Herb.

You got the first two parts correct.
Just three more for 11 points.

Excuse me.
Are you the son ?

- l'm Charlie. Pleasure.
- Elizabeth. The pleasure's all mine.

lt was a mare,
Mr. Barry.

How did he know that ?
- Oh, there you are.
- We're making our getaway,
Charlie, if you want a ride.

Have you ever watched one
of these quiz shows, Dad ?

The $64,000 Question
or Twenty-One ?

For $64,000, l hope they ask you
the meaning of life.

Okay, Herb, finally: Name the man
who loaned Paul Revere his horse...

for that fateful
midnight ride.

The horse.
Who loaned him the horse ?

- Okay, Herb, l'm afraid l'm going
to have to ask for your answer.
- Yes, Mr. Barry.

[ Kintner ] Look, just give him
what he wants. l don't want
to talk to these agency guys.

- So what do you want me
to do, Mr. Kintner ?
- You're a producer, Dan.