Quiz Show

Right. lt's not like you're
putting me on the show, or Al,

and pretending to be
some sort of intellectual.

You have put in
years of study and erudition.

l mean, l-- l'm just trying
to imagine what Kant would make of this.

l don't think
he'd have a problem with it.

Think about what this could mean for
the cause of education.

Forty million people
will watch you on Twenty-One.

lt's not like anybody
has to know. Just us three.

lt just doesn't seem right.
l-l'd have to say no.
Just an idea.
Was that part of the test ?
- So we're okay.
- You're gonna give it a try.

Well, uh, l just want to make sure
it'll be, you know, not...

the way we
discussed it before ?

- No. So pure, it floats.
- Not at all.

Okay ? So we'll see you
Monday night then.

- You'll come by
and see how the show works.
- Great.

- All right. And we'll
look forward to that.
- Monday night.

- Nice meeting you.
- Okay. Good-bye.

- Take care.
- Bye-bye.

- Reservations are at 9:00.
- Thanks. All right.

- Boys.
- Hi, Jack.
- Hi, Jack.

- Who's that ?
- That's Charles Van Doren.

- As in Van Doren Van Doren ?
- Van Doren. Yes.

- Oh.
- He wants to be on Tic-Tac-Dough.

Now, why would a guy like that
want to be on a quiz show ?

Richard Goodwin.
l'm an investigator.

An investigator. Richard
Goodwin with the Subcommittee
on Legislative Oversight.

l'm calling because the rate schedules
for the Baltimore and Ohio...

for the first four months
of 1954 seem to be missing from
the documents you just sent me.

Oh, go get 'em, Dickie.
They're sweatin' now.

Do they know you were first
in your class at Harvard Law School ?