Quiz Show

That'd be the story of my life.
But why now ? What did l do ?

Look at the big picture. lt's not like
television is gonna go away, you know.

- l mean, think about the future.
- You mean like a panel show ?

Uh, check. Look, l'm gonna do
what l can do, Herb.

But meanwhile, maybe you could use
somebody to talk to.

l'm gonna give you the name
of my analyst. Just send me the bills.

- You know, l could be terrific
on one of those panel shows.
- Here you go, sir.

Witty, off-the-cuff.
A Bill Cullen sort of thing.

Now the last category
is movies.

We're gonna ask you what won the Academy
Award for Best Picture in 1955.

You don't know it.
Your answer On The Waterfront.

Oh, no. Oh, no.
Don't-- Don't do that.

Not Marty.
l saw Marty three times.

The Best Picture from two years ago
and l don't know it ?

Someone of your intellect,
and it's such a simple question.

- Don't you see the drama of that ?
- Drama ?

Herb, don't do this
to yourself.

Please, let me lose on a physics
question, not Marty, Dan.

Don't do this to me.
lt's too humiliating.

For 70 grand, Herb,
you can afford to be humiliated.

- Who was the captain of the Mayflower ?
- Christopher Jones.

- What year ?
- 1620.

Here's Mr. Moto !
[ Sports Announcer ] And we'll return
to Mr. Moto after this.

[ Announcer ] Will Herbert Stempel
become the first man...

to win over $100,000
on television ?

No, Herbert Stempel is not
going to win over $100,000.

Herbert Stempel
is going to take a dive !

Dad, the quiz is tomorrow.
lf you're gonna talk to the TV--

- All right, big shot. So who bought
Manhattan lsland from the lndians ?
- Peter Minuit.

- What year ?
- 1626.

- How much ?
- Twenty-four dollars.

[ Announcer ] ...this week
on Twenty-One.

- Now back to our program.
- This week on Twenty-One,

watch Herb Stempel be fed
to the Columbia Lions.

Watch Charles Van Doren eat his first
kosher meal on Twenty-One.

What are you doing ?
Why aren't you dressed ?

The child has to learn. The
child has to learn the depths
that humanity can sink to.