Quiz Show

-How'd a guy like you get into Harvard ?
-Capped teeth.

- Lester !
- [ Drums Continue ]

Herb, what exactly did you
tell the grand jury ?

No, you can't ask me that.
lt's-- lt's sealed. lt's illegal.

Well, uh, just between us.
They made me take a dive.

They made me lose on Marty
just to humiliate me.

- Who made you take a dive ?
- Dan Enright.

He told me l had plateaued,
that the ratings had plateaued.

A sinking ship
and the rats stayed.

Do you think in a million years
l wouldn't know Marty, and
meanwhile, Charles Van Moron...

would be on the show
11 weeks in a row ?

l don't understand. H-How could they
make you take a dive ?

- What ?
- Why didn't you just answer Marty
if you knew it ?

- What, and throw away
his future in television ?
- Would you please go inside...

and tell Gene Krupa
to take five ?

Lester !

You're so naive. lt's a fix.
lt's all-- lt's all a fix.

A setup. l made a study of it. They
always follow a Jew with a Gentile.

And the Gentile wins more money.
What is that, a coincidence ?

Herb, you're saying this whole grand
jury thing was because of you.

You know what you have to do ?
You have to nail Van Doren.

- Are you gonna nail Van Doren ?
- Look, first of all, l'm not
here to nail anyone, okay ?

- This isn't McCarthyism.
- Listen, think about what
McCarthyism did for McCarthy.

Let me ask you something.
Do you have any corroborative
evidence to what you're saying ?

Listen to me. Don't make
necessarily the mistakes
that l might have made in life.

Think about your career. You nail
Van Doren, it'll be bigger than Sputnik.

lt'll be like a big, blond
Sputnik crashing right down
on his, whew, friggin' head.

Charlie ? Hi.
Dick Goodwin.

l hope you don't mind.
The English Department gave me
your number up in Connecticut.

Yeah. Look, um, l met with
Herbert Stempel yesterday.

He told me a couple of things.
l'm kinda curious--

What ?
Sure. Well,
what train was that ?

Yeah, just hold on.
l got a pen right here.

Grand Central Station.
Cornwall, Connecticut.
l will, uh-- l will, uh--
l'll get right on the way.