Slaughter of the Innocents

- Dad, I'm being serious.
- Well, excuse me.

Dad, you know how you told me
when you investigate a crime...

you always ask the victim,
"Around the time of the crime...

- was there anything that you noticed that seemed strange?"
- Yeah.

Well, five years ago, the Provo police
asked the same question...

- to the mother of the kids who were killed at that cabin.
- So?

So the Provo mom said
that just before the murder...

she was coming home late at night
on this spooky country road...

and she almost hit an old lady
wearing a black dress...

picking something from the side of the road
and putting it into a basket.

Five years later, the mother of the kids
killed at Timberlake...

saw the same thing.
Now, I mean,
that can't be a coincidence.

Well, you know you're
supposed to call in. Yeah.

- Hey, we score yet?
- Uh, I don't know.

Look, I gotta go.
Yeah, I'll call ya later.
- I promise.
- Hey, come on.

I promise.
Yeah. Bye.

I need a jet
to Provo, Utah, right away.

Do you know how much it costs
to send a jet from Cleveland, Ohio...

to Provo, Utah?
forty-two cents.
I can't authorize that.
Then get me someone who can.
Nice goin', Jesse.
Convicted murderer Bobby Martel...
scheduled to die at 6:00 this morning
by lethal injection...

will be moved from his cell
in maximum security...