Slaughter of the Innocents

Have you uncovered some
new evidence in the Bobby Martel case?

I don't know.
- You read the file?
- Yes.

What part you remember?
What part do you think's important?

I remember the physical profile
that summed him up...

as a subnormal, not quite retarded sociopath
with a huge collection of kiddie porn.

I think it's important his boot prints
were outside the kids' windows...

his fingerprints
were on the glass and, uh...

one of his pubic hairs was found
in the nine-year-old's mouth.

Oh, that seems like all you'd need
to put him on death row...

and pull the switch.
Push the plunger, sir.
In Utah, you get to choose
between the firing squad...

and lethal injection.
Martel didn't choose,
so the warden chose for him.

Well, that was nice of him.
He was convicted by a jury of his peers
and is sentenced to die.

But that doesn't necessarily
mean he did it, sir.

- Who said that?
- You did, sir.

State ofTexas
v. Robert Worthington, 1987.

Do you think this case
is like that one?

I don't know.
Everything seems to fit.

But my son came up with something
that doesn't make sense.

- Your son?
- Jesse. It's like your car.

It starts to make a weird noise,
and even if that noise goes away...

it doesn't mean your car's
not gonna break down because of it.

I know your reputation, Agent Broderick.
And I realize
you've come a long way.

But I'm not gonna postpone
this thing 10 minutes.

I've seen the physical evidence.
Come 6:00 a. M...
I'm gonna flush this piece of shit
down the toilet.

Roxanne, would you
excuse me for a minute?

- Sure. I'll be at the car, sir.
- Yeah. Thank you.

- Hi, Dad.
- Jesse, I didn't wake your mom, did I?