Slaughter of the Innocents

He grabbed the older child,
sodomized her orally...

penetrated her
vaginally and anally.

Bobby, watching
from outside the window...

unzipped his fly
and began to masturbate.

The killer finished, picked up
the younger child's body, ran out of the house.

Bobby finished,
sat down in the grass...

and lit another cigarette.
So you can tell your Harvard buddy
that he can posthumously charge Bobby with...

Four... four violations...
but none of them, none of them
are punishable by death.

I also suggest that you tell
your old Harvard buddy...

to check out Federal Statute...
7232 B-12.
Obstruction of justice.
You tell him to check that one out...

before he asks us
for too many more favors.

Bobby Martel was wearing boots.
Muddy timberline boots.
The killer was wearing sandals...
smooth-soled leather sandals.
Your buddy
should have noticed that.

Not one of the 712 prints
the killer left behind were made...

by Bobby's boots.
Some of these footprints
were made with boots.

Whoa, that's brilliant!
That's right. Lots of'em were.

They were all made
by Denton Outdoorsman, standard issue...

of the Utah Highway Patrol.
Thanks for letting me
come along, Dad.

Eh, you found the link.
You're the one
that started all this.

You deserve to come along.
Is this the bend in the road?
Yep. This is
the bend in the road.