Slaughter of the Innocents

It is weird stuff.
Oh. Jesus.
Oh, yeah.
Look at this.
Do you think it's meaningful?
Yeah. The killer relates to it.
It's meaningful.

Why do you think the killer
and the Moabs use sage?

back in the '30s,
a woman named Sarah Proctor...

ran a religious settlement
called the House ofTruth.

She believed that God himself was gonna
visit her personally and raise the dead.

So when her followers died,
she didn't bury them.

She put them around a large table
so they'd be ready for the second coming.

She planted a lot of sage
to mask the smell.

I think the killer probably uses it
for the same reason.

Do you know your phone
is off the hook?

Oh, thanks.
- Yeah?
- Stephen, we found the Moabs.

Their leader, Robert Vale,
once owned...

- a 1963 VW van.
- We're outta here.

Good morning.
Do I smell coffee?

Hi, Mom.
I made you breakfast.

What a nice surprise.
- Wow.
- Can I go to Cedar Point this weekend...

with Richard and his parents?
I'll bring my homework.
I promise.

Yeah. Okay.
You can go.