Slaughter of the Innocents

Oh, my God.
Hey, who are you?
You're not supposed to be down here.

You're notJonathan Bates.
You're Tom Grodine.
What are you doin'here?
Who are you?

I'm Jesse. My father's
Stephen Broderick, Special Agent, F.B.I.

You used to run a bank in Iowa.
One day you took out
a lot of money and left.

You never even stopped to say
good-bye to your kids.

- My friend's father left him. That was really sad.
- H-How did you know?

You got the name
Jonathan Bates...

off the part of the newspaper
that tells you who died.

On your zoo applications you said you graduated
from Davis School in Denver.

There isn't
a Davis School in Denver.

Thereis one in Sioux City.
I figured the rest out
with my computer.