Star Trek: Generations

We don't have one.
It won't be installed until Tuesday.

Ensign Sulu ...
Generate a subspace field around
the ships. That might break them free.

- Too much quantum interference, sir.
- What about ...

Vent plasma from the warp nacelles.
That might disrupt the ribbon's hold.

- It's not having any effect ...
- The starboard vessel is collapsing!

- How many people were on that ship?
- 265.

Sir, the Lakul's hull integrity
is down to 12%.

Captain Kirk, I'd appreciate
any suggestions you might have.

- Move us in and beam them aboard.
- The distortions will tear us apart.

Risk is part of the game.
- Close to within transporter range.
- And turn that damn thing off!

- We're within range.
- Beam them directly to sickbay.

- How big is your medical staff?
- It ... doesn't arrive until Tuesday.

- You and you are now nurses.
- The warp plasma relays are unstable.

I can't lock on to them.
They are in some sort of temporal flux.

Their life signs are phasing in
and out of our space-time continuum.