Star Trek: Generations

Perhaps we are tired of waiting.
Without my research,
the trilithium is worthless.

As are your plans
to re-conquer the Klingon Empire.

Set course for the Veridian system.
Maximum warp.

He's an EI Aurian. Over 300 years old.
He lost his entire family -

- when the Borg destroyed his planet.
He escaped aboard the ship "Lakul".

That ship was later destroyed
by an energy ribbon.

But Soran and 46 others were
rescued by the Enterprise-B.

- That was when James Kirk was killed.
- I checked the Lakul's passenger list.

Guess who else was on board?
- I haven't thought of Soran in ages.
- You remember him?

Guinan, you must tell me
everything that you know.

We think Soran has developed
a terrible weapon -

- with enough power to destroy ...
Soran doesn't care about weapons.
He just wants to get back to the nexus.

What the nexus?
The energy ribbon was not a random
phenomenon travelling through space.

It's a doorway to another place
that we call the nexus.

A place I've tried hard to forget.
What happened to you?