Street Fighter

- seized 63 AN relief workers
from a village north of here.

This self-styled general's ransom
demand... 20 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the location of
the 63 hostages remains unknown.

Of the 15 AN troops assigned
to guard the relief workers, -

- 12 are confirmed dead, the rest
missing, their location unknown.

You came from across the world
to fight me.

Now is your chance.
I can see the AN commander.
I'll try to talk with him.

Yes, your turn now.
Colonel Guile...
GNT news.
May we speak to you, please?

Don't you want to speak
to the world audience?

I do want to talk to someone...
That bastard Bison.
I know you like to see yourself
on television, so look at this!

What are you doing?
Dee Jay, break in.

You want me on TV,
I'm on TV now!

What the hell?
- Balrog, do you believe this?
- Believe it? I'm shooting it!

- Colonel Guile, greetings!
- He took it. Trace that signal.

- Show respect for a fellow warrior.
- Warrior! You?