Street Fighter

This conclave is over!
You will die for this insult.
- You've got ten minutes.
- Well, that was special.

It's showtime.
She said this place will blow in
ten minutes. Things can't get worse.

- I was wrong.
- Back me up.

Loosen up, it's a party.
- Are you with me or not?
- Is that multiple choice?

- You dare to interfere?
- Yeah. Because...

- There are enemy spies among us.
- Show me these spies.

This is Chun-Li Zang.
This may be my final broadcast.

But if it is, I and my comrades
did not die in vain, -

- for we have killed the warlords
that brought death and destruction.

Bison, Sagat! All your weapons
of death will be blown sky high!

Happy landings!
Quick, change the channel!
Evacuate at once!