Surviving the Game

You have to dig so deep?
Let`s hope somebody digs for me
this deep when l`m gone.

A whole week
after D-day Okinawa...

we didn`t have one solid meal.
Evey time, you know,
they`d blow us to go to chow--

Not a goddamn thing here.
We`re halfway down the ladder,
you know, and...

l`m hungy, God damn it!
-l can tell you that.
-We got to eat soon, man.

Look at this dump.
People are becoming
goddamn rabbits.

People don`t eat meat anymore.

We got to get something to eat.
All that complaining
ain`t making shit better, man.

We got to get food.
l got a gun.
Come over here, man.
What kind of gun is this?
A Toka...

A gun is a gun, you know.
They--they kill people.
Check the barrel
and don`t point it at me.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

The first thing you do
when you find a gun...

is to check the barrel.
You fire this, you know...
and the barrel`s clogged...
it`ll blow up in your hand.
-Don`t fuck around with that.
-What the fuck you doing?

l can get twenty bucks for this
with or without bullets.

Don`t wory about it.
Forget it ever came up.

Forget this trash here, man.
l know where we can get
some real food, Hank.

Yeah, l know
where some real food is.

Just don`t tell me any more
of them fucking stories.