Surviving the Game

Pulling a gun on me, huh?
You going to hurt me?
Hurt you? No, l`m not going
to hurt you at all.

l`m going to kill me
somebody tonight.

You`re right.
Somebody`s going to die tonight.

lt`s going to be you...

maybe all of us.
Let`s all die.

You`re a crazy motherfucker.
l`ll take this stick and ram it
up your ass, make a popsicle.

You ain`t shit.
You like beating up old people?

l can clock you in the head.
Let`s go see the devil.

Would you like that?
Man, get the fuck out of here!
Hey, man, you crazy!
And don`t come back, you hear?
l handled that.
Hop the fence and get the meat.

Aw, go fuck yourself.
Aw, shit.
We want to thank you, mister.
Want help with the fire?
No, that`s all right.