Surviving the Game

l say something wrong?
lt ain`t your fault.
Now, look, what`s done is done.
Blaming yourself for
what happened two years ago...

won`t change a damn thing.
-No, just starting.

l`m going to get you
on your feet again.

Ain`t nobody ever going to give
a break to nobody like me.

Fuck `em all,
and give yourself one, too.

lt`s up to you to get your life
back on track again...

not nobody else.
No matter what l do, somebody`s
going to knock me down.

Don`t let `em. Once you get
your confidence back...

you fight them
with eveything you got...

to hold on with.
l mean eveything.

You got all this philosophy.
What happened to you?

Aw, shit.
Last time l was on track...
l was still a virgin.
All this food seems to be going
to your head.

You getting sentimental, man.
God`s still constipated.