Surviving the Game

Why the fuck
would you want to help me?

Because life
has been good to me.

l saw you and thought...
it`s a chance for me
to make a difference to someone.

Why don`t you save that shit
for somebody who gives a fuck?

Look, man, you`re young,
you know? You`re healthy.

You seem intelligent.
Why would you want
to kill yourself?

Maybe l like choosing
when l die.

Don`t you have family,
people who care?

l had a wife and a kid,
and they`re dead.

-lsn`t there anyone else?

l find that hard to believe!
l don`t want anybody
to care about me.

l don`t want to be responsible
for anybody else`s feelings.

l`m through with this shit.
Hey, let me ask you something!
lf someone offered you
a good job...

something that would be
a real opportunity...

would you be interested?
Well, if you ever want
to look me up...

l`m at the Seventh Street
Mission evey Thursday.

Yo, hold up, man.
What kind of job
are you talking about?

My business partner and l...
need someone to help us
as a survival guide...

with our hunts
in the wilderness.

l don`t know shit about that.
With my recommendation...
you`ll have a decent chance
of getting the job.

-The pay is good.
-What kind of pay?

How much money exactly, man?
Just go down there.
Talk to this man.
His name`s Burns.
You`ll find out eveything
you need to know.