Surviving the Game

l`ll show you some endurance.
Keep this up for half an hour,
l`ll give you twenty bucks.

For twenty bucks,
l`ll run to fucking Alaska.

Never thought you`d make it.
Never underestimate a man
who ain`t got nothing to lose.

Evey man`s
got something to lose.

Look, just `cause
you got a lot of money...

don`t think you know evey man.
So, how do l get ahold of you
if l need you?

Best hotel in town.
Man, twenty-five years ago...
l married this woman,
this black woman--

voluptuous, pretty,
hair slick on her head.

Six months later,
all that shit was null and void.

l`d get home.
Son would say, ""Get out of bed.""
l get on out the bed--
Boy, who you done robbed?
Just give me a room--one
with a TV that works this time.

You must want
the presidential suite.

l just want what l pay for.