Surviving the Game

Go away. l got the room
till twelve o`clock.

l thought you wanted a job.
You cut your hair.
l like to stay in style.
How`d you get the burns?
Playing with matches, all right?
No shit?
l got you some clothes.
They should pretty much fit you.

How in the fuck
would you know what fit me?

Trust me. l`ve been doing this
a long time.

l ain`t doing nothing
unless the money`s right.

We`ll give you a couple of days
to get into the hang of things.

Food and lodging,
we`ll take care of it.

We`ll start you off
on five hundred dollars a week.

Here`s a two-hundred-dollar

lt`s money.
lf you do well...
we may give you a raise.
l`ll be outside.
l spent quite some time
in third world countries.

lt changed my point of view.
lt`s a clichÈ to say
that life was cheap there...

but life was way beyond cheap.
l`m glad l got this job,
but l don`t understand...

what it is about hunting animals
that gets you off.

lt`s not about killing.