Surviving the Game

Get up.
Put your shit on.

This ain`t funny!
Shut the fuck up
and put that shit on!

We`d like to play a game.
lt`s vey simple.
You see, the hunt begins now.
We`re the hunters...
and you`re the hunted.
You leave here now...
with a head start
of as long as it takes us...

to eat
a nice, leisurely breakfast.

lf you make it
to civilization, you live.

lf you don`t...
maybe God will have mercy.
-Here he is.
-Let the games begin.

You son of a bitch...
l want you so bad,
l can taste it.

Let me get the door.
Let me get the door for you.
Get out!
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Get out of here,
you stinking motherfucker.

Yo, Burns, what the fuck?
He`s going to chase his nuts.
Pace yourself!
l enjoy fucking with them.
Don`t you?

What excites me is breaking
his neck with my bare hands.

That`s fine, doctor,
but l assure you...

l intend to shoot that
son of a bitch myself first.

He better last long enough
to make it a challenge.

Trust me, he will.