Surviving the Game

Wait a second, Dad.
We won`t hunt him, will we?
Keep your voice down.
No, no, no.
He`s a human being.

He`s a homeless piece of shit.
He`s nothing.

He`s less than nothing.
Fuck that.
l won`t take any part in this.

You`re too much
like your mother.

l brought you out here to learn
something about yourself.

l spent fifty thousand dollars
for you to learn a lesson...

to develop an instinct
you don`t have...

and l`ll be damned
if you`re not going to learn it.

Don`t disappoint me, Derrick.
Now, come on.
Let`s have some breakfast.
You know, the only thing
l miss up here...

is the sports page.
l`m so used to getting up...
having my morning coffee...
and opening up the sports page.
l don`t read newspapers anymore.
They`re like the mirror
of the world`s ugliness.

l like beautiful things.
-l`m ready to go.
-Relax, Doc.

Digest your food.
We`re wasting time.
Give him more time.