Surviving the Game

Think of it as foreplay.
Never mind foreplay.
l`m talking about--

Prince Heny Stout.
Remember the rules.

l feel something special
about this.

lt`s going to be
so much more special...

when you finally nail him.
Eat some eggs.
You`ll feel better.

Eat. Eat.
l`m not hungy.
l beg your pardon?
l said l`m not hungy.
Oh. Terrific.
l`ll tell you what--
l`ll pull a switcheroonie here.
l hope this is not going to be
a problem.

lt won`t be.
You`ll be OK.
Dad, l can`t do this.
Yes, you can.
A thousand dollars
says my son`ll draw first blood.

One, two, three.
You made yourself
three thousand dollars, Derrick.

Damn, l wish
l`d never started smoking.

All right.
Let`s get the turkey.