True Lies

I think you're going about
this whole thing all wrong.

Women... they like you
to talk to them.

Maybe it's just that you're not
in touch with your feminine side.

I was watching Sally Jessy Raphael...
All right.

I got all the usual stuff here...
a telemetry burst transmitter.

I got a GPS tracker, an audio
transmitter and a power supply.

I've got it sewn into the lining here...
Hey, Harry?

If you need to talk,
speak into the purse.

Here she comes. She's gonna pop out
right in front of us. Watch this.

Looks like she's going
into Chinatown.

She's parking.
Okay, give me audio.
You sure you weren't followed?
No. I kept looking behind me like
you taught me, but I didn't see anyone.

Okay, it's just that things
are a bit hot right now.

If I get a signal,
I may have to leave suddenly.

I understand.
Look, it's my job to take risks,
but not yours.

I feel bad about bringing you into this,
but you're the only one I can trust.

Were you out on a mission?
We say "op," covert operation.
And this one, well, got a little rough.

- Worse than Cairo?
- Cairo.

Cairo was a day at the beach
next to this.

- The guy's a spook.
- But for whom?

He could be working her
to get to you.

- Did you read the papers yesterday?
- Yes.