Waga jinsei saiaku no toki

Nakayama's all worked up
over something.

Know any details, Hoshino?
Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but...
But what?
Oh, that.
You're a little short--
Give me a break!
We're old friends.
Well, yeah...
but it's my livelihood, selling info.
Never mind that.
Speak up!

You know you want to.
I... may want to, yes...
I do, I--
Please let me speak.
Seems the Taiwan and Hong Kong mafia
are planning a gang war.

That's why Nakayama's riled up.
Those murders are wrapped up in it.
Why did you kill them?
Don't go thinking
theJapanese police are fools.

I'll do myjob.
You're a clever boy. You might
decide to let him "escape."

I've made my decision.
I'm going to kill him.

Don't worry.
He'll do it. I'm certain of it.
You get one last chance.
Screw up, though,
and you're on your own.

I hear he's with a new group anyway--
the Black Dog Gang.

Black Dog?
Isn't that the young yakuza group?
That's not all.
He's been naturalized, too.

He's turned his back on China
and is a traitor to our gang.