All right.
Call it off. Keep your job.

I'd never have fired you
if I'd known you were this ruthless.

I want a deal memo granting me
additional powers and monies.

By tomorrow morning.
- I won't agree to that.
- You will. I'd do the same.

- I'll tell Stewart.
- Wait until the deal is signed.

Then I'll tell Stewart.
- Did you contact Miss Alden?
- Not yet.

- Any appointments?
- Doctor Alezais at 4.

He's called three times to confirm.
He sounds like he's over 100.

If you want to cancel,
you'll have to do it yourself.

I was just boiling water for tea.
Perhaps you will join me. Come.
- I won't take much of your time.
- Take. I am not a busy man.

You were bitten by a wolf
in Vermont on March 8th.

Very auspicious.
- Very suspicious?
- Auspicious. Very auspicious.

March 8th. The moon was the closest
it's been to earth in 100 years.

Well ... that is auspicious.
What I'm curious about is ...