Wyatt Earp

This is my brother Virgil. Bat Masterson, Doc Holliday.
You're the man that killed Sgt. King in Sweetwater.
Got you in the leg, I understand.
My congratulations to you, sir. King was a skunk of the first order.
I wish you'd got him before he shot poor Molly Brennan.
- She was a sweet girl. - Yes, she was, ma'am.
- So what brings you to Dodge City, Doc? - I guess I missed you, Wyatt.
This is where the money is.
Anything else?
Perhaps you've heard.
We had an unfortunate incident in Fort Griffin...
entirely beyond our control.
It seemed a good time to move on.
I hope we won't have anything unfortunate happen in Dodge.
Likewise, I'm sure.
I'll be checking my gun as soon as we find a suitable hotel.
I look forward to more civilized surroundings.
Maybe he ought to check his knife, too.
I heard he cut that man in Texas from his belly to his dick.
I don't know what you want, Wyatt. This setup seems pretty sweet to me.
We're making good money. We might get a piece of the Alhambra Faro Bank.
Virgil, there's never been a man that got rich working on a salary.
That much I've learned.
If you wanted to get rich, you went into the wrong line of work.