Yangguang Canlan de Rizi

Who did this?
What's the meaning of this, huh?
It wasn't me. My hands are clean.
Hold up your hands, everyone.
Mr Hu.
Speak up.
Never mind.
Speak up,
don't be afraid.
Maybe it was to keep the
hat from flying off again.

It was well-intentioned.
So don't be angry.

I'm asking who did it!
Well I don't know.
Sit down.
Don't be angry. Mr Hu.
Class is adjourned.
I shall get to that bottom of this!
Mr. Hu, Mr. Hu!
Would you mind tossing me my shoe?
Sure, and I'll wipe your
ass in the toilet too!

Shall I help you put it on as well?
Just toss it out here, please.
Get out of here!
You rotten apple!
Mr. Jiao!
get Mr. Jiao of the Workers
Propaganda Team here right now!

Jeez, Hu.
give me a bit of face, OK?
I'm not asking for much.
OK, just you wait!
Wait for what?
What a joke?
What are you going to do?
don't threaten me.
Fine. I don't need that stupid show.