A Little Princess

l'm so proud of you.
l think about you every moment.

And l love you forever.
Your Sara.
Lottie, you mustn't get so excited.
Lottie? Precious?
Please, Lottie dear!
Please stop screaming!

How about a cookie?
Would you like that?

l'll get a cookie.
lt's hard to study with you
carrying on like this.

l want my mama!
You'll see her soon.
l won't. She's dead,
and l won't ever see her again!

l don't have a mother either.
You don't?
Where is she?
ln heaven with my baby sister.
That doesn't mean
l can't talk to her.

l tell her everything,
and l know she hears me.

Because that's what angels do.
-Your mama's an angel?
-Of course.

And so is yours.
With beautiful wings of silk. . .

. . .and a crown of rosebuds.
And they all live together
in a castle.

Do you know what it's made of?
Sunflowers. . .
. . .hundreds of them, so bright
they shine like gold.

When the angels
want to go someplace. . .

. . .they just whistle, like this.
And a cloud floats to the castle
and picks them up.

As the angels fly through the sky. . .
. . .riding the cloud
like a magic carpet. . .