A Little Princess

''Sir Edward saw the sorrow
in his daughter's eyes. . .

. . .but he knew
that family honor must prevail.

Nobility was not to be trifled with.
'l beg of you, Charlotte,' he said.
'Marry Sir John in the spring,
as he has asked.' ''

Thank you, Lavinia.
Sara, you may take your turn.
''Charlotte said to her father,
'Father, you are right.

l must put away my foolish fancies
and childhood wishes.' ''

But l simply won't do it.
l'm sorry, Father.
When l marry, it'll be for love.
And with that,
Charlotte ran from the house.

Waiting outside was
the handsome stable boy, Pierre. . .

. . .whom Charlotte secretly adored.
Together they escaped to the coast
and quickly set sail for Tahiti.

When they were halfway there,
their ship was attacked by pirates!