A Little Princess

You are alone in the world. . .
. . .unless l decide to keep you here. . .
. . .out of charity.
Because of the expenses you've
incurred, all you own is mine...

... your clothes, your toys, everything.
lt'll hardly make up for
the financial losses l've suffered.

From now on, you must earn
your room and board.

You'll move to the attic
and work as a servant.

lf you fail to meet our standards...
...or if you don 't obey,
you'll be thrown out.

And the streets of this city
are not kind to homeless beggars.

Report to Mabel in the kitchen
promptly at 5 a.m.

You could be arrested
for taking this.

You're lucky l let you keep
that doll.

You may have the book.
But another incident like this. . .
. . .and l will call the authorities.
l expect you to remember,
Sara Crewe. . .

. . .you're not a princess any longer.