A Little Princess

ls this where you live?
You shouldn't be here.
lt's too dangerous.

Why don't you like me anymore?
Did l do something wrong?

No, of course not.
l didn't think you'd
want me for a friend. . .

. . .now that things are different.
l'm sure you could do fine without
me for a friend. . .

. . .but l couldn't get along
without you.

l'm sorry.
l should've known. . .

. . .you wouldn't be like the others.
-What's that?
-One knock means ''l'm here. ''

Two knocks means ''All is well. ''
Three means
''The coast is clear. ''

-''The demon Minchinweed is asleep. ''
-lt all sounds so adventurous!

Look, Becky. We have a visitor.
Hello, Becky.
Oh, Sara, l miss your stories so much.
Won't you tell us what happened
to Rama and the princess?

The smoke from Ravana 's arrows...
...finally began to lift.
Rama lay dead on the ground.
Oh, no!
But then
a wonderful thing happened.

The gazelle laid down next to Rama,
giving him his own life.

He's suffering from amnesia...
. . .one of the rare side effects
of poison gas.

His eyes will heal in time.
His memory. . .who can say?
He's not my son.
l'm sorry, Mr. Randolph.
He was in severe shock. . .