A Little Princess

. . .with no coat, no identification.
Since your son was the only name
unaccounted for. . .

. . .they assumed this was John.
l am sorry.
All the hoping.
You must think me a fool.

ls it your wish to be wise, sahib?
l don't know.
l suppose a wise man
wouldn't have come here at all.

But if he had. . .
. . .he would have looked
closely upon the soldier's face.

What would he have seen?
Pain, sahib.
He needs to be cared for.

He's not my responsibility.
A wise man would remember
that this man was in John's regiment.

lf his memory returns, he might
tell what happened to his son.

Perhaps sahib will learn
that John is in British hospital. . .

. . .wishing that a kind man would
take him home, away from his pain.

lf the plumber comes,
show him the problem.

And don't babble with him.
He's paid by the hour.

And correct the Latin tests
by the time l get back.

Yes, sister.
Hello, Miss Minchin.
Goodbye, Miss Minchin.