the sooner they'd be taken
into pig paradise.

- Haa! Haa! Get up!
- A place so wonderful...

- that no pig had ever
thought to come back.
- Yo! Yeah!

Good-bye, Mom.
So when the day came for their
parents to go to that other
world of endless pleasures,

it was not a time
for young pigs to be sad.

Just another step towards the day when
they, too, would make the journey.

- [ Sobbing ]
- Perhaps it was because he was alone.

Perhaps his sadness
made him easier to catch.

Whatever the reason, of the thousands
of animals in the piggery that day...

only one was chosen.
- How's this one, Harry?
- Just right for the purpose.

- How much do l owe you?
- lt's a runt, Harry.
A worthless, little runt.

- [ Chuckling ]
- [ Pig Squealing ]

[ Screaming ]
[ Auctioneer Chattering ]
[ Chuckling ]
You're too modest, Esme Hoggett.

Nine out of ten first prizes
for jams and jellies...

is more than
a matter of luck.

Luck still plays its part. Our berries
were wickedly good this year.

And our water
is very tasty too.

Of course, we don't use
the town water.

[ Pig Squealing ]
Arthur Hoggett!
How's it going, Arthur?

How are those sheep of yours?
Come on, try your luck.

How about taking a guess, Arthur?
All for a good cause.

- Don't keep pigs.
- Christmas day. Think of it.
What a feast!

That'll do, Pig.