Wha-- What?
You look like an intelligent,
sophisticated, discerning young fella.

- Who, me?
- Yeah. Follow me. Oh, boy!
Are you in for some fun!

What are we doin'?
Where are we goin'?

[ Narrator ] Now the duck knew
exactly what he had to do.

- The alarm clock had to go.
His very life depended on it.
- [ Duck ] Do you see it?

- Yes.
- Good.

[ Babe ] So l go through the kitchen,
across the living room...

- Good, good.
- into the bedroom.

Get the mechanical rooster
and bring it out to you.

- What about that cat?
- But quietly bring it out to you.

- Excellent.
- l don't think l can do it.

lt's against the rules. Only dogs
and cats allowed in the house.

lt's a good rule, but this is bigger
than rules. This is life and death.

- lt is?
- Mm-hmm. Follow me.

[ Duck ] Hello! Look,
there's something you should know.

- Humans eat ducks!
- [ Gasps ] l beg your pardon?

Most ducks prefer to forget it,
but the fact is that humans
like to eat plump ducks.

l don't think so.
Not the boss. Not the boss's wife.

Come on.
Humans don't eat cats. Why?

- Well, they're--
- They're indispensable.
They catch mice.

Humans don't eat roosters. Why?
They make eggs with the hens and
wake up everyone in the morning.

l tried it with the hens.
lt didn't work.

So l turned to crowing, and lo!
l discover my gift.

But no sooner do l become
indispensable than they bring in
a machine to do the job!

[ Moaning ]
Ah, the treachery of it!

- A mechanical rooster!
- Oh, dear me.

Oh, dear you?
[ Sighing ]

l suppose the life
of an anorexic duck...

doesn't amount to much
in the broad scheme of things.

But, Pig,
l'm all l've got.
Why do you need me
to do it?

- [ Groans ] l'm allergic to cats.
- Oh.

They make me sneeze.
Don't worry.
l won't wake the cat.

My life is in your hands.