Badkonake sefid

This mister must have made a mistake.
That's right, he is talking nonsense.
Can I ask a question?

Can I pull those stings out from his body?
He doesn't has any sting, my friend.
He is neither a vespid nor a scorpion.
Doesn't snake has any stings?
No, he only got fangs.
Right, fangs.
Now they all understand...
...that Snake's teeth are poisonous.
Plus understood all snakes are poisonous.
Thus, please allow me...
:04:36 recite a poem to everybody.
When I caught a snake with horns,
I can show everyone its horns,
come on.
However, a snake's horns are
distinct from the rest animals' horns.

Distinct from deersÂ’;
distinct from goats'.

Like two grains of rice,
located on each side of the head,
Those are the snake's horns.
Mama, let me go to buy it,
I will be right back.

I've said, no!
Don't close...'s too late now.

Where are you going?
Get papa some soaps.

Please! Let me go to buy it.
I've said, No!