Badkonake sefid

We have got none left
during the New Year's day.

And during grandma's visit.
Can't we celebrate the
new year without fish?

Don't you just stand sitting there,
come and grab a fish.

Bring that red over here.
And the fish bowl, too.
Hurry, go.
Mama, just let me go, please!
I can trade in all of my gifts for this.
You haven't received any gifts yet.
Grandma will send me gifts.
I give all of them to you.
And you already put on new clothes
before the new year's arrival.

Pledged hand those gifts out even
before you have received them.

What's the matter?
Kids are headstrong, you gotta hurry.
If your late are caused by mum...
then that will be my fault.
Don't cry in New Year's eve.
Can't shed tears to catch fish
in New Year's day, either.

Bring that red one.
Wash it up, hurry.
Daddy, daddy!
What's the matter, I have brought it.
Put into the basket.
And those fruits beside the tap.
The bag is broken.