Badkonake sefid

Crying again.
Crying again.
He doesn't want to pay for the fish.
You don't like our own's?
You didn't see the others.
When their gills were swinging,
they were like dancing.
They've got so many gills, how much?
- 100.
- 100?

You are willing to spend
100 dollars to buy a fish!

Those are couple of movies' money!
Out of your mind.
I need shampoo, and you bring me soap.
You never paying much attention.
Once again, you...
...make her upset.
Go to do whatever you want to do.
You think I need you to...
You gave me soup, not shampoo!

His voice was resounding...
...and lost since then.
Pick the soap out of the water, and dry it.
You want egg shampoo?
Yeah, egg shampoo.
All right, hurry.
Uh... bring you the shampoo, right.
You are still carrying on...
Are you going to complain?
How are you, Lisa?
Very well, thanks.

Is your mum doing ok?
She let me bought a fish.
For decoration.
Let's see if Rice knows.
Are these fish have any differences
with those New Year's day's fish?

Sure they do.
Different from those...
...sold by the market.
Yeah, you see.
Your mum is asking where did you get those.