Badkonake sefid

Two notes worth 20 dollars.
What a bout the pocket?
One note is worth 500.

How much for the fish?

A 100 dollars fish?
That ma n said all those fish
are sold by 100 dollars each.

And there is no fish bowl.
Use this 500 dollars' note to buy one.
Who can bring it to me?
A towel.
Do these balloons belong to me now?

You approved.
Yeah, they are all yours now.

Don't you just leave.
I am not leaving.

Don't lose the money.
It won't happen.

One hand, you are singing,
on the other hand, you take out that snak e.

A snake that absolutely
no one has seen before.

Use the stick to take it out.
At the same time, teaching people...
I will pass on this hat, hope
you all can act generously.

Let God watch the rest.
We will witness how do you lead a hand...
:20:26 these Devil snakes.
This is...
...the first one.
And inside the box, there is
another one that weighs 4 kilogram.

Perhaps gentlemen believe
we aren't going to display it.

That thought is wrong because
snakes are money- lovers.

Snakes won't unveil themselves...
...Until they can track down the money.
Dear friends, regardless you
folks are Turk, Persian or Arabic.

No matter if you come from south or north.
You all understand...

...these Devil snake kings' requirements.
Only one hour left before
the New Year arrives.