Badkonake sefid

I will walk away among you. I know
you are all very generous people.

At least buy a fish.
Let my children can have supper.
Look at here.
Hand poor Devil snake kings...
some cash.
No one would like to do that, even
bakers and shopkeepers are included.

May God bless you.
This little girl has one 500 dollars' note.
That's exactly right on, Devil snake
kings' supper has been booked!

So do Devil snake kings' children's.
And Devil snake kings' fish.
The Chance for test everybody's
generosity has arrived.

She isn't older than...
...or seven...
appreciate for her donation.
Tonight, I can have my supper.
Now I am going to take out the snakes.
And put it into the middle.
For the New Year, for enable
to let everyone see...

May let the god bless you!
Don't you forget...
for celebrating the New Year...
Suppes will looking better.
What are you carrying with your bag?
Those are for the New Year's use.

So you have had those
fish for tonight's supper?

But I know you so well,
you are a respectful man,
don't waste anyone time at here.

I am come to watch your show.
I like it.

Your number.
May let god bless you.
How adorable you look.
I saw the chicken you ate.

And that turkey.
In Iran, we have many many
such vigorous young men.

I want my money.
I want my money.

What money, little angel?
The money for puchase fish.

The fish that during tonight, derviche
will need to eat along with rice.

Give me or not?
Your money has long gone.
Now you had my buddy.